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Social Management Solutions You Need Now

Social Management Solutions You Need Now

If there is something quite clear in the digitization of companies advertising agencies in malaysia, it is the relevance that their presence in social networks has reached. At present, and for the first time since computers and mobiles coexist, the latter have achieved higher traffic, that is, we use mobiles more than computers themselves. That is why companies have realized that it is not only worth being present on the web, it is also necessary to have tools such as social networks for various purposes.

Lo smart working ora piace anche ai manager. E con il lavoro agile cresce  anche la produttività - la Repubblica

The Right Purpose

Among these purposes, there is not only being able to tell the potential client what their services or products are, they also do the function of adding value to the target with information, articles or interesting resources for the target that, obviously, have to do with the unit of business. In social management this is important.

  • And this is where the figure of the Community Manager “jumps into the field”. A management professional in social networks today is essential for medium-sized companies. It is becoming one of the main filters for SMEs, the first “face” that target customers see, even if they do not have eyes, mouth or lips.
  • The Community Manager will be the person in charge not only of posting the latest promotions, articles of new services or the architect of a paid campaign, it is much more than that. You will have to answer questions, attend to complaints, interpret the information you are receiving indirectly through the behavior of users, etc. In short, as we mentioned earlier, it will be one of the first faces that the potential customer “runs into”.

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Within their roles of responsibility, there are several to highlight. Through «tools» such as the Facebook statistics system, you will be able to retrieve information about what the target is most interested in, see which products are with the greatest interaction, study said target based on sex, origin, age … These data, the Community Manager will be able to transform the information into knowledge in order to contribute to the strategic decision making of the company.

  • We would be wrong if we think that this important agent for companies is a mere “news hanger” on social networks. Its potential goes much further. As we argued at the beginning of the article, the traffic generated by mobile terminals is increasing. We are always connected, we are always browsing social networks to know not only where our friends are moving, but to indirectly view news, offers, promotions, etc. of those pages or profiles that we follow.
  • On one occasion, we already told you about the roles of the Community Manager, where we argued that the most important were:

Be a good communicator

  • Content generator
  • Trend magnifier
  • Crisis manager
  • Analyst
  • Idea generator

Selection ability

As you can see, we are facing a very complete professional profile that is becoming increasingly important in companies. Depending on the size of the company and obviously its resources, the service that this figure performs may or may not be outsourced. But what is clear is that the importance of proper management of social networks is currently fundamental for societies.

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