Are online slots better than other games?

The casino games traditionally the like Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack have always been the preferred choice of players who like to bet big bucks, while the slots and video poker have always been considered to play a little ‘frivolous, more suited for casual gamers or to the girlfriends and wives of professionals from the green table.

But now we are entering a new era in which slot players are at least as many as those who engage in more traditional entertainment, and both genders are equally represented in front of slots and help create the profits they are reaping. But a question arises: the online slot machines are better than other games that are found in the web casino?

In online casinos, it is now possible to enjoy a large number of variations of classic table games, such as Power Blackjack or Three Wheel Roulette , although these are only slightly different versions of the original game.

There are never any great news when it comes to table games, apart from a few versions of poker (just to keep up with the worldwide passion for Texas Hold’em) and 3 Cards Roulette. In short, it seems that board games are not able to really evolve and keep up with the innovations made available by the Internet.

The slots, on the other hand, have adapted perfectly to the network . There is now an impressive variety of slot games available online, with the latest slots such as Time Machine truly taking advantage of all the possibilities offered by the new software, enriching the game with bonuses, fun themes and great payouts.

If you like originality then you can play two great online classics like Cleopatra and Rainbow Riches, then when you get tired of a particular online slot, you can move on to another one different in theme, bonus games, number of paylines, etc …

In practice, every week, the most important gaming software houses, make original and fun proposals, allowing all lovers of online slots to enjoy unlimited and constantly evolving fun.

For us there is no comparison between slots and table games: one evolves in step with technology and the network, the other seems to have stuck to the green cloth. We’re not saying table games are going to go away, but when it comes to online fun, slot machines are king!